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Ökonometrie und deren Anwendung – Econometrics and their Applications

Betreuung durch: Philipp Otto, Daniel Ambach

(1) Räumliche Analyse des deutschen Grundstückmarktes – Spatial Analysis of the German Real Estate Market (Bachelor - Topic)
  • spatial descriptives (Moran I etc.)
  • historical developement of spatial econometrics
  • dataset can be provided
  • panel data models
Cressie, N. (1993). Statistics for spatial data. J. Wiley. Hoboken
Holly, s, Pesaran, M.H., Yamagata T. (2010). A spatio-temporal model of house prices in the USA. Journal of Econometrics.
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Anselin, L. (2010). "Thirty years of spatial econometrics". Papers in Regional Sciences.

(2) Pendlerströme in Polen – Commuter Streams in Poland (Bachelor - Topic)
  • descriptives
  • commute distances
  • dataset can be provided
Kruszka, K. (2010). Dojazdy do pracy w Polsce. GUS. Poznan
Cressie, N. (1993). Statistics for spatial data. J. Wiley. Hoboken
Roseman, C.C. (1971). Migration as spatial and temporal process. Annals of the Association of American Geographers

(3) Räumliche/zeitliche Analyse verschiedener ökonomischer Indikatoren – Spatial/Temporal Analysis of Different Economic Indicators (Bachelor - Topic)
  • economic indicators, as GDP, unemployment rate, migration balance etc.
  • either temporal or spatial descriptive analysis
  • spatial/temporal model in order to forecast
  • dataset can be provided
Cressie, N. (1993). Statistics for spatial data. J. Wiley. Hoboken
Cressie, N., Wikle, C.K (2011). Statistics for spatial-temporal data. J. Wiley. Hoboken
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(4) Comparison of Different Time Series Models and their Application to Financial Data and Economic Indicators - Vergleich verschiedener Zeitreihenmodell und deren Anwendung auf Finanzdaten und ökonomische Indikatoren (Master - Topic)
  • univariate time series model (for example: ARMA, AR, GARCH, ARCH, eGARCH, ARIMA or ARMA - GARCH
  • multivariate time series model (for example: VAR or VARMA
  • application to financial data and/or other macroeconomic indicators
Hamilton, J. (1994). Time series analysis, Princeton University Press, New Jersey.
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(5) Long Memory Processes and their Applications - Prozesse mit hoher Korrelation und deren Anwendung (Master - Topic)
  • difference of credit returns and market returns
  • computation of the probability of credit rating migration (transition matrix)
  • credit risk measures to characterize credit risk
Brockwell, P.J. and Davis, R.A. (1991). Time Series: Theory and Methods, Springer, New York.
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