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Statistics (IBA)
Welcome to class in Statistics in the summer semester 2023

You also can get ten extra points for a final exam solving weekly tests that will appear on Moodle.

Lecture videos => Tutorial 1 + Tutorial 2 => optional test

Lectures start: 12.06.2023      

09 - 11 Uhr GD Hs2

Prof. Dr. S. Maxand


09 - 11 Uhr

GD Hs2

Prof. Dr. S. Maxand

Tutorials start: 13.06.2023      
Thursday  11 - 13 Uhr  GD 305  Diana Ivaniuk
 Friday  11 - 13 Uhr GD 203 Diana Ivaniuk

 Allowed materials during the exam:

1) not-programming calculator

2) commented formulary

If you need a consultation regarding the theoretical aspects of the course, please contact

If you have any questions concerning tutorials, please write directly on