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Viadrina GGS Doctoral Program in Dynamic Capabilities and Relationships

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Graduate Students about Advantages of the Program:


"One of the main advantages of this program is the cooperation of two distinct universities to promote cutting-edge research. On the one hand the Viadrina University, a prestigious university, which is internationally acknowledged. On the other hand the German Graduate School of Management and Law, a state-recognized private university with its focus on the business elite. Both universities are known for their research-intensive focus. It is a great opportunity that six of their professors serve in the program as mentors to assist in our further development. This close contact to the professors as well as the limited number of fellow researchers assures a personal and constructive environment promoting scholarly exchange and discussions."

- Mareen Kämmerer -



"This doctoral programme is the ideal way to a doctorate. The scientifically highly interesting focus of the programme, the possibility to fruitfully exchange knowledge, ideas and thoughts with other scholars and the prospect of financial security for three years are major reasons why I have opted for the program on “Dynamic Capabilities and Relationships”. As participant of the structured doctoral training and of various workshops and consortia offered by the Viadrina/GGS I have quickly gained important insights into how to conduct scientific research successfully. I appreciate the pleasant and informal mood of the programme in which I can pursue my personal research interests decisively."

- Robert Burisch -



"The structured PhD program at the EUV/GGS has some unique advantages over other programs in the field. First of all, there is a pool of excellent professors with different research specializations as well as methodological orientations. You can choose among them and find the professor that best suits your interests. Besides providing laptops and well equipped offices, there is also a budget for conference visits and professional development courses, such as summer schools. Given the involvement of the two institutions, you have the chance of exploring both the culture of a public and a private university. At the end of the first year you will also be able to decide where to conduct your daily work thereafter. This setup also permits to choose between two attractive locations to live in, the greater Stuttgart area as well as the greater Berlin area. Last but not least, the program gives you a great deal of freedom to pursue your research. Whereas students in regular PhD programs are usually burdened with teaching and other research projects, no further commitments are built into the EUV/GGS schedule unless you voluntarily take them on yourself."

- David Wagner -



"A unique strength of the program is the opportunity to benefit from two academic institutions at once. This allows better access to treasured resources and broader insights into academic life. I also enjoyed the chance of seeking knowledge further afield by getting involved in top tier conferences from an early stage on.  The structured teaching provides the skills to make your research a success. From the short time I have been involved in this program I already gained valuable experiences and knowledge. The same prospect is available for everybody with the right attitude, mentality and interest in business research."

- Veit Wohlgemuth -