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viaCampus, Email, Moodle


  • You need the viaCampus to re-enroll, print out student's certificates, show course catalog, subscribe and unsubscribe for examinations, check exam results.

  • When enrolling at university you will receive the information to access your account.


  • As of now communication by email between the faculty and the students of the European University Viadrina is effected solely through the official email account which had been set up upon enrollment and can be accessed on this Web page.

  • Username and password correspond to the login of viaCampus. Please take note that even though you may not be using the account, you will have to change your password regulary (at least once per semester). Otherwise the account and with this the access to the other functions will be blocked!) Please, consider this further information about your Viadrina email.


  • Moodle is the eLearning platform of the European University Viadrina. It is necessary to register in Moodle for all courses offered by the Faculty.

  • Username and password correspond to the login of viaCampus.