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Are you an Internationalist?

Dear students,

we at EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY VIADRINA invite you to participate in the Universum CareerTest 2020!

Why is it important for you to participate in the CareerTest?

  • You get the opportunity to tell us how we can improve the career service and other departments offered at EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY VIADRINA.
  • You get the opportunity to express your professional preferences, so that employers and universities know what really interests you.
  • You get a description of your professional profile and a comparison of salary expectations with other students.
  • You can also find out what the average salary per industry and German state is.

After completing the survey, you can submit your CV for a CV check and participate in a competition to win one of 50 WUNSCHGUTSCHEIN vouchers (for e.g. Zalando, H&M, IKEA) worth 50€ each!

The CareerTest is a powerful tool used by more than one million students and professionals annually around the world.


Universum in collaboration with EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY VIADRINA

For questions or comments please email: