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International Business Administration [old SPO]

Important Notes

  1. The general study duration counts six semester, including the time of writing your bachelor thesis.

  2. Sample Schedule

  3. The language education is generally taught over several semesters and should therefore be started at the earliest time possible.

  4. Please consider information of the examination board around your examinations.

  5. All students have to complete at least two, the most five course requirements by earning an "Eigenleistungsschein" in the Wahlpflichtmodulgruppen 16 to 27. Earning an "Eigenleistungsschein" requires a written essay and most likely an oral presentation.

  6. Within the profiling phase a specialization (Schwerpunktbildung) focus with regard to a subject is allowed. It requires the student to choose one subject area, offered under number 16 to 20 and complete two of the courses within that subject successfully. Hereby, on e of your other grade records under number 16 to 20 can be replaced. Furthermore at least one of the course records under 22 (Business Administration (seminar or project or case study)), 26 (Business Administration (elective 1)) or 27 (Business Administration (elective 2)) have to be completed in the same subject field. (Decision from the examination board of 11.06.2008 and 18.05.2010)

  7. Up to the point of registering your Bachelor Thesis you have to proof your internship commitment with an economic reference and in the amount of 12 weeks (§ 5 Abs. 2 of the Study and Examination Regulation). Furthermore, students that already completed a commercial apprenticeship can be exempted from the obligatory internship, by requesting such at the examination board. A certificate to proof that the internship is part of the Bachelor program can be received at the Career Center.

  8. Information about your thesis

  9. Information about re-registration and academic leave of absence

  10. Application for auf removal from the university register

  11. Information about the awarding of the Diploma

  12. Notice about certifications for BAföG