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Prescribed period of study / extension of study time - Bachelor

General policy

The period of study is restricted. The general study duration counts six semester, including the time of writing your Bachelor Thesis.

In case that at the end of the 6th semester not all study credits are turned in, the bachelor exam is counted as not passed for first time. In case that at the end of the 7th semester not all study credits are turned in, the bachelor exam is counted as finally not passed.

In both cases, all study credits have to be reached by the end of the first month of the following semester (30. April respectively 31. October). Significant is the date of the examination or accordingly the turn in of the Bachelor Thesis. (Notice: As of the above named deadlines, the Bachelor Thesis should be registered by the 15.12. (winter semester) respectively 15.06. (summer semester)).

Exceptions can only be granted, if special reasons are presented. The reference for such is to be proven, for example by a medical certificate (includes name of the student, symptoms / type of performance decrease, length of the sickness; further information about required medical certificates). This request has to be turned in at the head of the Examination Board immediately.

Existence of special reasons

The Examination Board can grant exceptions from the regular procedure, if special reasons brought the Board to do such. Those will be evaluated in a separate Single Case Decision on the basis of the following policy:

  • Special circumstances can only be presented, if the person to request can not be accounted personally for the cause of not-fulfilling the study credits.
  • The reasons have to be provably documented (medical certificate, etc.).
  • Missed time is counted as special circumstance, if
      i) at least six weeks of the lecture time and /or
      ii) the vast majority of the time during the examination week (after the end respectively before the start of the semester)
    provably could not be used.
  • If the reasons for limited performance are not temporarily but permanently (e.g. disability) the allowed amount of semesters or the study credits to be passed have to be determined at the beginning of the basic studies respectively the advanced studies. In case of the circumstances are worsening the original decision can be revised in favour of the candidate.

Policy procedure

  1. Turn in deadlines

Generally the request for study extension has to be turned in immediately, at least at the beginning of the 7th semester. Turn in deadline is

  • the 15 April in the summer semester as well as
  • the 15 Oktober in the winter semester.

The request have to be turned in at the head of the Examination Board.

  1. Documents to be turned in

The following documents are to be turned in by the student:

  1. the request for study extension (form see point 3) as well as
  2. reference(s) for special reasons (medical certificates, etc.).
  1. Forms / documents


The form respecting the deadline have to be completed and turned in by the student at the examination board (Main building, room 224 or to post).

Only on the basis of the turned in documents the Examination Board can process your extension requests. For the evaluation of the requests the following points are significant:

  1. In what extent could the special reasons be claimed?
  2. How many credit scores (Credit Points) are presented?
  3. Did the student follow the requirements of the Examination Board up until now?