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External PhD Opportunities

If you are interested in becoming an external Ph.D. candidate at the Chair of Management and Organization (Prof. Jochen Koch) and also meet the formal requirements listed in the doctorate regulations of the Department of Business Studies at the European University Viadrina, you are welcome to submit your application via e-mail. Please include a proposal outlining your Ph.D. project (1000 words maximum), which covers the following points: 


Scientific relevance of your chosen topic. 


The extent to which your chosen topic relates to research areas on which the chair has recently focused.  


A current bibliography for your dissertation. 


An explanation of how your project adds to existing academic knowledge in your field of research. 


A structure of your course of action. 


If you intend to base your project on an empirical study, please also point out: 


Why empirical data is essential to your research project. 


What empirical methods you intend to use and why.


A schedule for the realization of your empirical study.  

7.  A schedule for the realization of your thesis.


The proposal for your Ph.D. project will be evaluated by the faculty. Selected candidates will be invited to present their projects at the next session of the doctoral colloquium held by the faculty. Subsequent to your presentation, the Chair will decide whether or not to accept you as a doctoral candidate.


Applications for a doctorate are welcome to be submitted at any time.


Please send your application with the required documents (proposal, references, CV etc.) attached to: