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New Year's reception of the FINE-chairs 2012

As in the past year, the chairs of the FINE-track invited their students to a New Year's reception in January 2012. At first, Prof. Stadtmann presented briefly a few papers from the year 2011 which deal with current economic developments and partially offer some unconventional solutions therefor.

For each approach there was a short discussion round where Prof. Stadtmann briefly addressed the possibilities and limits of the presented approaches and put them up for debate. Especially, Prof. Bolle and Prof. Ribhegge provided here interesting additional points.

Afterwards, the discussions continued in a familial circle with enough food and drinks provided. Some students used the opportunity to discuss the further course of their studies or the upcoming Bachelor's thesis with the research assistants, others just got to know their professors better in a relaxed atmosphere

The feedback of the event was very good as always. Our students gladly seized the opportunity to meet outside of the lecture rooms. Overall, this year's New Year's reception was a huge success and will surely be continued in the next year.


Prof. Dr. Stadtmann during the presentation


A special service from Prof. Dr. Bolle


VWL-Students and their professors talking