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Meat and Greet 2012

In the year 2012 the Chair of Macroeconomics again used the opportunity to gather the Economics students of Viadrina to „Meat and Greet“.

This yearly tradition of meeting at the beginning of the winter term gives newcomers and “old hands” as well as professors and research assistants the opportunity to become more familiar with each other.

As in the past years, Prof. Stadtmann started the social circle with an introductory presentation in the lecture room and introduced himself and of course also the studies at the Viadrina. This was complemented by some tips for successful studies which were enriched by anecdotes from Prof. Stadtmann’s own time as a student and led to a lively debate and supporting tips of the older students. Prof. Bolle also participated with a small contribution to studies in general and in particular to his area of expertise Microeconomics and thus rounded off the first part of „Meat and Greet 2012“.

In the follow-up the chats were relocated to the hall in front of the lecture room where a buffet and drinks already waited for the students. In smaller groups the discussions that began in the lecture room were picked up again, new topics were started and experiences were exchanged. Especially the students of the first semester used the opportunity to become more acquainted with their future professors.

We would like to thank all participants for their active attendance in this event and we are already looking forward to „Meat and Greet 2013“.