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BA/MA final papers

Beginning in the winter term 2012/13, you have to apply for the supervision of your final paper. The examination board has a special form for this. Please note the deadlines given by the examination board. If you intend to write a final paper (Bachelor or Master) under my supervision, please
  1. Follow the procedure you can read about here.
  2. Send you application to the examination board in time (before the semester starts) and select me as your favorite supervisor.
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You can write your thesis (BA/MA/Diploma) under my supervision. The number of works that I can handle at the same time is finite. I cannot promise to accept your project at any time.

If you are interested in writing a final paper in the field of economics, particularly international economic relations, simply send me an email. Please let me know what subject you are studying and in what time frame you want to write your paper. I then check if I have the time.

Step by step:

  1. Write me an email (early enough) and I will then agree or disagree to act as your supervisor.
  2. You have to apply for a supervisor. Your application is handled by the examination board of the faculty for business administration and economics. You should select me as your preferred supervisor. The deadline for the application is March 15 for the summer term and September 15 for the winter term. More information about that application (via Moodle) can be found  here. 
  3. Please read the brochure "Rules, suggestions and tricks for students that write a paper". It contains many useful hints and also a few rules. Some of some are only useful if your hear about them early enough.
  4. In a meeting 1-2 weeks before the official start of your thesis, we agree on 2-3 possible topics. You will then have some time to start your research about these topics. The most important thing is that YOU consider your topic to be interesting. And you need to have an idea how to do research about your topic.
  5. In another meeting, the topic will be agreed upon and the official time for writing your paper starts.
  6. In oder to officially start with your paper, it needs to be registered with the examination office and we need the relevant form from the examination office. Please take care about their approval early enough. More information can be obtained from the examination office. By the way: You don't have to think about your second superviser.

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