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International Taxation

Schedule:   International Taxation




This lecture will be offered presumably in WS 08/09




Preparation phase:

Students have to acquire knowledge the subject matter of the preparation script St. Kudert :"Eine Einführung in die deutsche Unternehmensbesteuerung" as well as the content of chapter 10 from C.B. Blankarts : "Öffentliche Finanzen in der Demokratie. Eine Einführung in die Finanzwissenschaften" in active work.

You can find protected files at the homepage of Professor Kudert.The keyword will be informed with the confirmation of course registration.







Acquisition of certificate:


The acquisition of certificate requires a successful participation on the first (limited to 30 points) and second (limited to 90 points) written examination.


This lecture is a required course within (der profilieungsphase) of the bachelor study course BWL, (I)BWL (and) VWL. The arrangement is according to § 18, abstract 1 of the study- andexamination regulations for the bachelor program BWL (I)BWL  chargeable for number 23 as well as VWL for number 25.

Further is this arrangement chargeable for the Diploma study course as module  finance economy  in subject AVWL.


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