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Discussion Papers 2016

  1. Nadezhda Kozlovskaya, Nadezhda Pakhomova, Knut Richter: A General Production and Recovery EOQ Model with Stationary Demand and Return Rates. January 2016.

  2. Friedel Bolle, Jörg Spiller: Not efficient but payoff dominant. Experimental investigations of equilibrium play in binary threshold public good games. February 2016.

  3. Daniel Ambach, Patrick Vetter: Wind Speed and Power Forecasting - A Review and Incorporating Asymmetric Loss. March 2016.

  4. Taras Lazariv, Liubov Rabyk, Wolfgang Schmid: EWMA Control Charts for the Variance of Autoregressive Fractionally Integrated Moving Average processes. March 2016.

  5. Tobias Böing, Georg Stadtmann: Competitiveness and Current Account Adjustments in the Euro Area. March 2016.

  6. Jörg Spiller, Friedel Bolle: Inter-Generational Thoughtfulness in a Dynamic Public Good Experiment. April 2016.

  7. Karl Ludwig Keiber, Helene Samyschew: The Pricing of Sentiment Risk in European Stock Markets. June 2016.

  8. Daniel Ambach, Wolfgang Schmid: Medium-term Forecasting of the Wind Speed, Wind Direction and Air Pressure. July 2016.

  9. Sophie Dunsch: Does labor force participation rates of youth vary within the business cycle? Evidence from Germany and Poland. August 2016.

  10. Philipp Otto, Wolfgang Schmid, Robert Garthoff: Generalized Spatial and Spatiotemporal Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity. September 2016.

  11. Liubov Rabyk, Wolfgang Schmid: Simultaneous EWMA Control Charts for Long-Memory Processes. October 2016.

  12. Robert Garthoff: Bildung von Clustern mittels partitionierendem Verfahren am Beispiel Deutschland. Dezember 2016.

  13. Tobias Böing, Georg Stadtmann: Money Growth and Aggregate Stock Returns. December 2016.