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Discussion Papers 2014

  1. Christian Dreger, Hans-Eggert Reimers: On the relationship between public and private investment in the euro area. February 2014.

  2. Friedel Bolle: On a Class of Threshold Public Goods Games. With Applications to Voting and the Kyoto Protocol. February 2014.

  3. Robert Garthoff, Philipp Otto: Control charts for multivariate spatial autoregressive models. March 2014.

  4. Robert Garthoff: Sequential analysis of the mean vector of conditional correlation model. March 2014.

  5. Daniel Ambach: Forecasting Short-Term Wind Speed in Germany. March 2014.

  6. Christian Dreger, Teymur Rahmani: The impact of oil revenues on the Iranian economy and the Gulf states. March 2014.

  7. Robert Garthoff: Sequentielle Überwachung von Finanzzeitreihen anhand von Residuenkarten. April 2014.

  8. Carsten Croonenbroeck, Christian M. Dahl: Accurate Medium-Term Wind Power Forecasting in a Censored Classification Framework. April 2014.

  9. Oliver Hutengs, Georg Stadtmann: Youth and gender specific unemployment and Okun’s law in Scandinavian countries. April 2014.

  10. Thorben Lubnau: Spread trading strategies in the crude oil futures market. April 2014.

  11. Philipp Otto: Brief View on Efficient Simulation of Multidimensional Spatial Autoregressive Processes. June 2014.

  12. Carsten Croonenbroeck, Daniel Ambach: A Comparison of Different Wind Power Forecasting Models to the Mycielski Approach. June 2014.

  13. Robert Garthoff, Philipp Otto: Simultaneous surveillance of means and covariances of spatial models. August 2014.

  14. Daniel Ambach, Wolfgang Schmid: Periodic and Long Range Dependent Models for High Frequency Wind Speed Data. September 2014.

  15. Michael Souček, Thomas Wasserek: Impact of Analyst Recommendations on Stock Returns: Evidence from the German stock market. September 2014.

  16. Joscha Beckmann, Ansgar Belke, Christian Dreger: The relevance of international spillovers and asymmetric effects in the Taylor rule. September 2014.

  17. Philipp Otto: Detection of Spatial Change Points in Mean and Covariances of Multivariate Processes. September 2014.

  18. Daniel Ambach, Carsten Croonenbroeck: Obtaining Superior Wind Power Predictions from a Periodic and Heteroscedastic Wind Power Prediction Tool. September 2014.

  19. Carsten Croonenbroeck, Daniel Ambach: Censored Spatial Wind Power Prediction with random effects. November 2014.