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Discussion Papers 2007

  1. Karl Kurbel: Process Models and Distribution of Work in Offshoring Application Software Development. January 2007.

  2. Friedel Bolle, Rostyslav Ruban: Competition and Security of Supply: Let Russia Buy into the European Gas Market. February 2007.

  3. Marco Caliendo, Alexander S. Kritikos: Is Entrepreneurial Success Predictable? An Ex-Ante Analysis of the Character-Based Approach. March 2007.

  4. Stephan Kudert, Ivonne Kaiser (Europäisches Wissenschaftszentrum am CP): Die Unternehmenssteuerreform 2008: Eine Untersuchung zur Existenz von steuerlichen Lock-in-Effekten. Mai 2007.

  5. Irena Okhrin, Knut Richter: Solving a production and inventory model with a minimum lot size constrain. September 2007.