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Discussion Papers 2002

  1. Andrea Gröppel-Klein, Dorothea Baun: The more the better? - Arousing merchandising concepts and in-store buying behavior. February 2002.

  2. Yves Breitmoser: Collusion and Competition in Laboratory Simultaneous Multiple-Round Auctions. May 2002.

  3. Alexander S. Kritikos, Friedel Bolle: Utility versus Income Based Altruism - in Favor of Gary Becker. May 2002.

  4. Elzbieta Kuba, Friedel Bolle: Supply Function Equilibria under Alternative Conditions with Data from the Polish Electricity Market. May 2002.

  5. Friedel Bolle: Altruism, Beckerian Altruism, or Intended Reciprocity? Remarks on an Experiment by Selten and Ockenfels. May 2002.

  6. Yves Breitmoser: Subgame-Perfect Equilibria of Small Simultaneous Multiple-Round Auctions. June 2002.

  7. Yves Breitmoser: Moody Behavior in Theory, Laboratory, and Reality. June 2002.

  8. Antje Baier, Friedel Bolle: Zyklische Preisentwicklung im offenen Call-by-Call-Markt: Irreführung der Konsumenten? Oktober 2002.

  9. Yves Breitmoser: Long-term Equilibria of Repeated Competitive Games. January 2003.

  10. Friedel Bolle, Jessica Kaehler: The Conditional Efficiency of Signaling. An Experimental Investigation. October 2002.