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Discussion Papers 1997

  1. Alexander S. Kritikos, Friedel Bolle: Punishment as a Public Good. When should Monopolists Care about a Consumer Backlash? 1997.

  2. Eckhard Janeba, Wolfgang Peters: Tax Evasion, Tax Competition and the Gains from Nondiscrimination: The Case of Interest Taxation in Europe. in: Economic Journal, Vol. 109, S.93-101, 1999.

  3. Sven Knoth: Exact Average Run Lengths of CUSUM Schemes for Erlang Distributions. in: Sequential Analysis, 17, S. 173-184, 1998.

  4. Alexander Schöne, Wolfgang Schmid: On the Joint Distribution of a Quadratic and a Linear Form in Normal Variables. in: Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 2000.

  5. Friedel Bolle: Competition with Supply and Demand Functions. February 1997.

  6. Eberhard Stickel: Problems Associated with Cost/Benefit Analysis for Strategic Information Systems. April 1997.

  7. Juergen Seitz, Eberhard Stickel: Cooperative Software Development Supporting Financial Product Representation and Distribution in the World-wide Web. April 1997.

  8. Hermann Ribhegge: Institutionenökonomische Überlegungen zur Familie. April 1997.

  9. Marko Marquardt, Wolfgang Peters: Collective Madness: How ageing influences majority voting on public pensions. April 1997.

  10. Thomas Severin, Wolfgang Schmid: Statistical Process Control and its Application in Finance, in: Contributions to Economics: Risk Measurement, Econometrics and Neural Networks. Physica Verlag, 1998.

  11. Eberhard Stickel: Does Risk Assessment Pay Off? May 1997.

  12. Sven Knoth: Quasi-stationarity of CUSUM schemes for Erlang Distributions. May 1997.

  13. Alexander Haupt, Wolfgang Peters: Voting on immigration and public pensions. in: Public Choice, Vol. 95, S. 403-413, 1998.

  14. Martin Glaum: Die Bilanzierung von Finanzinstrumenten nach HGB, US - GAAP und IAS: Neuere Entwicklungen. Mai 1997.

  15. Bernd Fitzenberger, Claudia Kurz: New Insights on Earnings across Skill Groups and Industries in West Germany. May 1997.

  16. Helmut Seitz: Aktuelle Entwicklungstrends am Arbeitsmarkt und Infrastrukturaufbau in Berlin-Brandenburg. Mai 1997.

  17. Jan Winiecki: Ten Puzzles in Economics of Transition: Solved, Unsolved and Unnoticed. in: Post-Communist Transition: Liberation Economic Journay, Herausgeber: A Brzeski, J, Winiecki, London 2000.

  18. Natalia Kusnezova: Roots and Philosophy of Russian Entrepreneurship. June 1997.

  19. Jan Winiecki: Post-Communist Economies in East-Central Europe and European Integration. in: Jan Winiecki: Foreign Trade in Transition, Kapital 5, Routledge, im Erscheinen.

  20. Robert Chudzik: The Bank Conciliation Procedure as a Restructuring Approach for Bad Debtors in Poland. June 1997.

  21. Dimitri Ovsianko, Knut Richter: Fallstudie: Die russische Gesellschaft DWK. Juli 1997.

  22. Eberhard Stickel: Der Einsatz der Optionspreistheorie zur Bewertung von Softwareentwicklungsprojekten. Juli 1997.

  23. Sven Knoth, Robert Chudzik, Wolfgang Schmid: A Comparison of Several Methods for Estimating Beta Factors at the Polish Stock Market. July 1997.

  24. Holger Kramer, Wolfgang Schmid: On the Average Delay of Control Schemes. in: Advances in stochastic Modus for Reliability, Quality and Safety, Birkhäuser Verlag, 1998.

  25. Holger Kramer, Wolfgang Schmid: On the Robustness of Shewhart Type Charts. July 1997.

  26. Georg Nenoglu, Karl Kurbel: Workfloworientiertes Multiprojektmanagement: Konzeption eines hybriden Systems auf der Grundlage von Componentware. September 1997.

  27. Christian Schwarz: Zwischenbetriebliches Workflowmanagement im World Wide Web. September 1997.

  28. Friedel Bolle, Antje Baier, Lars Buschbom, Magdalena Swiniarska: Please believe me! Bargaining under Incomplete Information with Communication. October 1997.

  29. Alexander Schöne, Wolfgang Schmid, Sven Knoth: On the Run Length of the EWMA Scheme - a Monotonicity Result for Normal Variables. in: Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 1999.

  30. Jochen Hundsdoerfer: Der Einfluß von Ertragsteuern auf den optimalen Umfang von Werbeinvestitionen. Oktober 1997. in: Solutions, 1997.

  31. Jochen Hundsdoerfer: Instrumente der Standortförderung im Vergleich: Ein Plädoyer für Investitionszuschüsse. Oktober 1997.

  32. Thomas Severin, Wolfgang Schmid: Zur Anwendung der Statistischen Prozeßkontrolle in der Wertpapieranalyse. Oktober 1997.

  33. Rudi Zagst, Gita Gopalan, Wolfgang Schmid: Estimation of the Term Structure and its Application to Risk Management. October 1997.

  34. Knut Richter: Remanufacturing Planning by reverse Wagner / Whitin Models. November 1997.

  35. Natalia Kusnezova, Anatoli Pavlov, Knut Richter: Wege der Betriebswirtschaftslehre in Rußland. November 1997.

  36. Marko Brunner, Martin Glaum, Holger Himmel: Economic Exchange-Rate Exposure: First Results from the German Market. November 1997.

  37. Sven Knoth, Wolfgang Schmid, Alexander Schöne: Simultaneous Shewhart-Type Charts for the Mean and the Variance of a Time Series. in: Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control, Physica Verlag, 2000.

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