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Monetary Theory & Monetary Policy

Exam number: 6797

Semester: from 1st semester

Duration of the module: One semester

Form of the module (i.e. obligatory, elective etc.): Elective

Frequency of module offer: Irregularly

Prerequisites: As a prerequisite you need knowledge in microeconomics, macroeconomics, international macroeconomics, math and statistics (Bachelor level).

The seminar can be chosen by IBA-Master and MES-Master students.

You have to register by sending an E-Mail to until April 4th, 2018. This deadline is also valid for all Erasmus / fx-students. Please use your Viadrina E-mail address if possible. Erasmus / fx students may also register via their private E-Mail address in case that the Viadrina E-Mail account is not set up yet. The point in time you send the E-Mail serves as one decision criterion whether you are in or out. In order to increase the diversity and heterogeneity of the participants a few places are reserved for Erasmus /fx-students.

Afterwards, you will be registered automatically by our chair in the Moodle system. You cannot enroll for this course via the Moodle system by yourself!

The capacity is limited to 25 students.

Applicability of module for other study programmes:
Obligatory or elective in other study programmes. For further information check regulations of the study programme.

Person responsible for module: Prof. Dr. Georg Stadtmann

Name of the professor: Prof. Dr. Georg Stadtmann

Language of teaching: English

ECTS-Credits (based on the workload): 6

Workload and its composition (self-study, contact time):
Contact time (lecture, tutorials, seminar etc.) 45 h; self-study: 135 h

Contact hours (per week in semester): 3

Methods and duration of examination:
Case Solving: 30 %
Presentation: 10 %
Exam: 60 %

Emphasis of the grade for the final grade: Please check regulations of the study programme

Aim of the module (expected learning outcomes and competencies to be acquired):

Contents of the module:
0. Introduction. What do we know already?
1. What is money?
2. Demand for money
3. Money supply process
4. Monetary policy transmission
5. Rules versus discretion
6. Strategies (simple rules) for a stability oriented monetary policy
7. Monetary policy of the ECB before and after crisis

Teaching and learning methods:
Lectures, seminar

Literature (compulsory reading, recommended literature):
Bofinger: Monetary Policy Oxford University Press 2001.

Further information:
Registration via E-Mail required.