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Foreign Language (CEFR level B1)

Modulbezeichnung: Foreign Language (CEFR level B1)

Modulnummer: 15

Prüfungsnummer: 1710

Semester/Trimester: Semester

Dauer des Moduls: Ein Semester

Art des Moduls (Pflicht, Wahl, etc.): Pflicht

Häufigkeit des Angebots des Moduls: Each semester

Zugangsvoraussetzungen: Regulated by the Language Centre.

Modulverantwortlicher/Modulverantwortliche: Dean for Student Affairs in consultation with the Language Centre

Name der/des Hochschullehrer/s: In accordance to the course offered.

Lehrsprache: Veranstaltungsabhängig

Zahl der zugeteilten ECTS-Credits: 8

Gesamtworkload und ihre Zusammensetzung (z.B. Selbststudium + Kontaktzeit):
Kontaktzeit (Sprachkurs etc.) 60 Std.; Selbststudium: 180 Std.

Lehrveranstaltungsstunden (LVS): 5

Art der Prüfung/ Voraussetzung für die Vergabe von Leistungspunkten:
Language examination(s)

Gewichtung der Note in der Gesamtnote: Zero

Qualifikationsziele des Moduls:
Foreign language education is an integral component of all programs of study at the European University Viadrina; this is a result of the Viadrina’s international orientation. The goal of our language education is to prepare students for studying abroad and working in international contexts; however, this is not achieved solely by presenting language skills and facts about a county’s geography, history and important institutions. As members of the Viadrina community, students already live and learn in an intercultural environment; the Language Centre is a key contributor to the University's intercultural atmosphere. As a central academic institution of the University, the European University Viadrina’s Language Centre is responsible for planning and implementing foreign language training to complement all programs of study.

Inhalte des Moduls:
In accordance to the course offered. At present, the Language Centre offers courses in the following languages: German, English, Finnish, French, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, and Italian. Courses are primarily taught by native speakers. The certificates offered by Viadrina’s Language Centre are accredited by Unicert®, a comprehensive university certification system. Both our language training programs and certificates exist in accordance with the Council of Europe’s Framework of Reference for language proficiency.
For international IBA students, not holding the German higher education entrance qualification ( Abitur), German as a foreign language is obligatory. IBA Students holding the German higher education entrance qualification can choose any language exept german and english.

Lehr- und Lernmethoden des Moduls:

Besonderes (z.B. Online-Anteil, Praxisbesuch, Gastvorträge, etc.):
A multimedia Independent Learning Centre is available to students, which allows them original contact to the culture of the language being learned by using databases, interactive computer programs, satellite television and video. Students additionally have access to the information superhighway - that is, to e-mail and the internet. These resources enable students to engage in cross-continental, authentic communication with native speakers of the languages offered at the Language Centre. During classroom instruction, students are prepared for working in the Independent Learning Centre.

Literatur (Pflichtlektüre/zusätzlich empfohlene Literatur):
In accordance to the course offered.

Weitere Informationen:
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