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Professur für BWL, insb. Marketing


Ausgewählte Zeitschriftenpublikationen in 2014-2015

Eisend (2015), Have We Progressed Marketing Knowledge? A Meta-Meta-Analysis of Effect Sizes in Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing

Eisend (2015), Persuasion Knowledge and Third-Person Perceptions in Advertising: The Moderating Effect of Regulatory Competence, International Journal of Advertising

Eisend, Evanschitzky, & Gilliland (2015), The Influence of Organizational and National Culture on New Product Performance, Journal of Product Innovation Management (forthcoming)

Eisend & Lehmann (2015), Assessing the Enduring Impact of Influential Papers, Marketing Letters (forthcoming)

Küster & Eisend (2015), Time Heals Many Wounds – Explaining Immediate and Delayed Attitude Effects of Message Sidedness, International Journal of Advertising (forthcoming)

Purnawirawan, Eisend, De Pelsmacker, & Dens (2015), A Meta-analytic Investigation of the Role of Valence in Online Reviews, Journal of Interactive Marketing

Schmidt & Eisend (2015), Advertising Repetition – A Meta-analysis on Effective Frequency in Advertising, Journal of Advertising

Tarrahi, Eisend, & Dost (2015), A Meta-analysis of Price Change Fairness Perceptions, International Journal of Research in Marketing (forthcoming)

Eisend (2014), Shelf Space Elasticity: A Meta-analysis, Journal of Retailing

Eisend, Plagemann, & Sollwedel (2014), Gender Roles and Humor in Advertising: The Occurrence of Stereotyping in Humorous and Nonhumorous Advertising and Its Consequences for Advertising Effectiveness, Journal of Advertising

Eisend & Schmidt (2014), The Influence of Knowledge-based Resources and Business Scholars' Internationalization Strategies on Research Perfomance, Research Policy

Eisend & Tarrahi (2014), Meta-Analysis Selection Bias in Marketing Research, International Journal of Research in Marketing

Pick & Eisend (2014), Buyers’ Perceived Switching Costs and Switching: A Meta-analytic Assessment of Their Antecedents, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science


Martin Eisend ist im Wintersemester 2015/16 im Forschungsfreisemester.

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