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08/2011. Invited Presentation. Multilevel capacitated lot sizing and scheduling: A model overview and comparison. 2nd International Workshop on Lotsizing IWLS 2011, Istanbul, Turkey.

06/2011.Invited Presentation, Von der Forschung zur Anwendung – aktuelle Trends im Supply Chain Management. Festveranstaltung 20 Jahre GFWW e. V., Słubice, Poland.

11/2010. Key-Note Presentation, Simulation und Optimierung in der Produktionsplanung - Voraussetzungen für eine erfolgreiche Symbiose. SimForum 2010, Linz, Austria.

08/2010. Invited Presentation, Capacitated lot-sizing: Synchronization issues for multi-stage systems. International Workshop on Lot-Sizing, Gardanne, France.

03/2010. Invited Presentation, State of the art/practice in discrete event logistic systems. Grand Challenges of Discrete Event Logistic Systems, Dagstuhl Seminar, Germany.

07/2009. Presentation, MIP-based ant colony optimization for multi-level lotsizing. 8th Metaheuristic International Conference, Hamburg, Germany.

07/2009.Invited Presentation, Simulation and optimization of supply chains: Alternative or complementary approaches?. Oberseminar at the University Hagen, Germany

07/2009. Presentation, Big-bucket lotsizing problems with synchronization. 23nd European Conference on Operational Research (EURO XXIII), Bonn, Germany

09/2008. Presentation, Lot-sizing with a scarce setup resource on parallel machines.OR 2008, Augsburg, Germany

04/2008. Invited Presentation, A hybrid optimization approach for multi-level capacitated lot-sizing problems. Entscheidungsunterstützung in der Logistik – Geographische Informationssysteme,Simulation und Optimierung, Salzburg, Austria

03/2008. Invited Presentation, Kombination von ACO und exakten Methoden zur Lösung von mehrstufigen Losgrößenproblemen. Oberseminar at the University Hagen, Germany

03/2008. Presentation, Modellierung und Analyse einer Supply Chain am Beispiel der Papierindustrie. Magdeburger Logistiktagung, Magdeburg, Germany

12/2007. Presentation, A toolbox for simulation-based optimization of supply chains. Winter Simulation Conference 2007, Washington D.C., USA.

09/2007. Invited Presentation, Combining ant colony optimization and exact methods for multi-level (capacitated) lot-sizing problems. Rutgers Operations Research Center, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA

09/2007. Presentation, A hybrid solution approach for supply chains. 6th European EUROSIM Congress on Modelling and Simulation (EUROSIM 2007), Ljubljana, Slovenia

07/2007. Presentation, Linearizing simulation models — a toolbox for an LP/MIP-based improvement strategy for supply chains. 22nd European Conference on Operational Research (EURO XXII), Prague, Czech Republic

06/2007. Presentation, Hybrid Solution Method for Multi-Level Capacitated Lot-Sizing Problems. 7th Metaheuristic International Conference, Montreal, Canada

06/2006. Presentation, An Ant-based Algorithm using an Exact LP-solver for Multi-Level Capacitated Lot-sizing Problems. INFORMS International Conference, Hong Kong

06/2006. Presentation, A MAX-MIN Ant System for Unconstraint Multi-Level Lot Sizing Problems. INFORMS International Conference, Hong Kong

08/2005. Presentation, Solving Multi-level Capacitated Lot Sizing Problems using ACO. 6th Metaheuristic International Conference, Vienna, Austria.

04/2005. Presentation, LP Modeling and Simulation of Supply Chain Networks (LP Modellierung und Simulation von Supply Chain Netzwerken). GOR-Meeting: Entscheidungsunterstützende Systeme in Supply Chain Management und Logistik, Paderborn, Germany

09/2004. Presentation, Simulation and Optimization of Age-Structured Models. 5th EUROSIM Congress on Modeling and Simulation, Paris, France.

09/2004. Presentation, LP-Modeling of the Supply Chain Networks and Interaction with Simulation. OR 2004, International Conference on Operations Research, Tilburg, Netherlands

10/2003. Invited Presentation, Optimal Prevention Programs in an Age-Structured Drug Initiation Model. VVW 03 - Viennese Vintage Workshop 2003, Vienna, Austria

05/2003. Invited Presentation, Solution Methods for Age-Structured Optimal Control Models. LSSC 2003, Large-Scale Scientific Computing, Sozopol, Bulgaria

09/2002. Presentation, Age-dependent Optimal Prevention Program for Marijuana Use in Australia. OR 2002, International Conference on Operations Research, Klagenfurt, Austria

05/2002. Invited Presentation, Age-dependent Analysis and Modeling of the Marijuana Use in Australia. Workshop on Dynamic Drug Policy: Understanding and Controlling Drug Epidemics, Vienna, Austria (UNDCP - United Nations Drug Control Program)

09/2001. Invited Presentation, The impact of the vascular wall elasticity for the dynamic modeling of the arterial blood flow (Die Bedeutung der Gefäßwandelastizität für die dynamische Modellierung des arteriellen Blutflusses). 8th Annual Conference of the Austrian Society for Hypertensiology, Salzburg, Austria

07/2001. Presentation, Age-Specific Density-Dependent Drug Initiation Model — Optimization of Prevention Programs. 20th IFIP TC7 Conference on System Modeling and Optimization, Trier, Germany

05/2001. Invited Presentation, ADCompMod - A Computer Program for Age/Duration-Specific Com-partment Models. Workshop on Spatial Aspects of Demography, Rostock, Germany

05/2000. Invited Presentation, Age-Specific Density-Dependent Optimal Control for Drug Initiation. Workshop on Dynamic Drug Policy: Understanding and Controlling Drug Epidemics, Vienna, Austria (UNDCP - United Nations Drug Control Program)

02/2000. Presentation, A Blood Flow Model based on Physical Concepts. 3nd MATHMOD, IMACS Symposium on Mathematical Modelling, Vienna, Austria

11/1999. Presentation, Simulation of the transient flow of blood through the human arterial system. EMBEC 99, European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference, Vienna, Austria

10/1999. Presentation, Simulation of the Human Arterial System — Static and Dynamic. BMES-EMBS 99, 1st Joint Meeting of BMES & EMBS, Atlanta, USA

06/1998. Presentation, Modelling of the Human Arterial Network for Preoperative Predictions. ESM 98, 12th European Simulation Multiconference, Manchester, Great Britain

03/1998. Presentation, Expert System for Vascular Surgery (Interaktive Beratungssoftware für Gefäßoperationen). Simulation und Visualisierung 98, Magdeburg, Germany

11/1997. Presentation, Simulation Tool for Vascular Surgery (Beratungssoftware für Gefäßoperationen). ASIM 97, 11. Symposium Simulationstechnik, Dortmund, Germany

02/1997. Poster, Modelling of the human arterial network for an expert system for preoperative predictions. 2nd MATHMOD, IMACS Symposium on Mathematical Modelling, Vienna, Austria