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Supply Chain Management and Logistics


Wednesday 9:15-12:45 in GD Hs5

Lecturer: Hein/Vogel

The first lecture will be held on December 9th 2015.


Friday 9:15-12:45 in GD Hs5

Lecturer: Hein/Vogel

The first tutorial will be held on December 11th 2015.

General course information:

  • The number of participants is not limited
  • No pre-registration required
  • All course materials and further information can be found on the Moodle page of the course (guest access is open until the end of the second week)
  • The course can be passed as T-Module (6 ECTS, new FSO), G-Module (5 ECTS, old SPO) or as T-Module (7 ECTS, old SPO)
  • The T-Module participants will have to attend additional lectures and will have specific question sets during the exam relating to these lectures
  • Additional information can be found in the module catalogue: IBA