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Production and Logistics


Tuesday 16:15-19:45  (Almeder) GD Hs 8

The first lecture will be held on April 12th 2016.


Thursday 14:15-16:45 (Hein) GD Hs 3 (updated!!).

The first exercise will be held on April 14th 2016.


(Please register for one tutorial group in Moodle, registration will open on April 12th 2016)

Group 1: Friday   9:15-11:45 AB 308 (Kasparava)

Group 2: Friday 11:15-12:45 AB 308 (Kasparava)

Group 3: Monday 14:15 - 15:45 AB 308 (Krajcarz)

Group 4: Monday 16:15 - 17:45 AB 308 (Krajcarz)


No pre-registration required. 

All course materials and further information can be found on the Moodle page of the course. Guest access to Moodle will be granted until April 22nd, 2016. The enrolment key will be announced during the first lecture.

Additional information can be found in the module catalogue: IBA