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Production and Logistics


Tuesday 14:15-17:45   GD Hs4   (V. Schmid)

The first lecture will be held on April 8th 2014.


Thursday 09:15-12:45 GD   Hs3   (Hein)

The first exercise will be held on April 10th 2014.


Group 1: Friday 09:15 - 10.45   PC-Pool AB 308  (Kolisnyk)

Group 2: Friday 11:15 - 12:45   PC-Pool AB 308  (Kolisnyk)

The first tutorial  will be held on April 11th 2014.

Please choose one out of the two tutorial groups and register online via the Moodle website of the course. 


Complete course materials and further information will be provided on the Moodle website. The enrolment key will be announced during the first lecture and again during the first exercise. Guest access (guest password: PL14) will be granted until April 18th.  Please note that registration becomes binding after April 18th meaning that unenrolment is impossible.

Additional information can be found in the module catalogue: IBA