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The Chair of Business Administration, esp. Business Analytics, offers introductory and advanced classes on information and operations management with focus on methods of business analytics and their application to problems of transport and logistics. We provide our students with knowledge on how to analyze and aggregate extensive amounts of operational data (e.g. analysis of big data through data mining), and we discuss how to use data aggregates for more efficient, reliable and sustainable planning of service operations (e.g. more reliable operations in logistics applications through operations research). The main target group are students of International Business Administration, but participants of other study programs are very welcome, too. For students of International Business Administration, all classes belong to the area of Information and Operations Management.

Prof. Dr. Jan Fabian Ehmke will transfer to Otto-von-Guericke-Universität in Magdeburg effective Oct 1st, and hence, he will not offer any classes at Viadrina any more. We would like to thank all students for their interest in Business Analytics classes.