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Bachelor and Master Thesis

Application for Supervision of a Bachelor or Master Thesis

Before being able to write your thesis at our group, you have to apply for supervision through the examination board. You can find all the details on this website. Once your application has been accepted, please contact us for further details on topic finding and detailed scheduling of your thesis.

The way to find your topic at the Business Analytics Group

There are two variants to develop your topic for a Bachelor or Master thesis at the Business Analytics Group:

Variant 1: We suggest a topic area, maybe in cooperation with one of our industrial partners.

Potential topic areas are listed below. The topics are closely related to research and teaching of our group. Hence, it is often useful or even required to have taken part in one or several of our classes and to have written a seminar at our group.

Variant 2: You suggest a topic area.

Would you like to suggest a topic area, please create a short exposé on the area you are interested in and submit it to us. The exposé should describe which problem you would like to work on, why this is relevant, what are the open issues, and how you would like to approach the issues (literature analysis, data analysis, mathematical modeling, etc.). You should also describe your personal motivation.

Please understand that we will reject topics that do not have sufficient overlap with our research and teaching subject.

Topic Areas


Data Warehousing & Data Mining

  • Design of an Order Dashboard and Prediction of Orders for Media Markets (Master thesis, together with Media Impact GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin)
  • Development of a Dashboard for Mobility Market Analysis (Master thesis, together with IAV, Berlin)

Future Mobility Concepts

  • Development of a Routing Engine for Autonomous Vehicles (Master thesis, together with IAV, Berlin)