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Lowitzsch, Jens / Iraj Hashi (eds.)

The PEPPER V Report – Assessing employee participation in profits & enterprise results in the EU-27

2021, forthcoming, Frankfurt (O.)

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An Empirical Study of How Household Energy Consumption Is Affected by Co-Owning Different Technological Means to Produce Renewable Energy and the Production Purpose

Energies 2021, 14(13), 3996

Hoicka, Christine E. / Lowitzsch, Jens / Brisbois, Marie-Claire / Kumar, Ankit / Ramirez Camargo, Luis

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Energy Policy Volume 156, September 2021, 112435

Lowitzsch, Jens

Energy Transition- Financing Consumer Co-Ownership in Renewables

Palgrave, 2019

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Activating the unemployed through Sociedades Laborales in Spain – A potential new EU active labour market policy instrument

Palgrave/McMillan 2017


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The impact of (co-)ownership of renewable energy production facilities on demand flexibility

an empirical study, MPRA no.73562, 2016 

Lowitzsch, Jens

Community participation and sustainable investment in city projects: The Berlin Water Consumer Stock Ownership Plan

Journal of Urban Regeneration & Renewal, Nov. 2016


Lowitzsch, Jens

The Berlin Water Consumer Stock Ownership Plan – Maintaining a clean Spree

"SBE16 Towards post-carbon cities" newDIST Special Issue, July 2016


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Finansovoe uchastie rabochikh na predpriyatiyakh v Yevropeyskim Soyuze

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