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Academic Writing Skills

Content of the Course:

  1. Introduction: what does “academic writing skills” mean?
  2. Narrow topic
  3. Researched writing
  4. Writing structure
  5. Academic writing skills
  6. Presentation

This course is designed for students who want to write a thesis or an essay. However well you know your subject, it is not necessarily an easy task to write about it. Writing skills do provide an immensely important tool in the academic world and are necessary for writing essays, presentations and research papers. This seminar should help students to develop academic writing skills. The focus of the course is on processes of generating ideas, collecting information, and establishing a thesis statement. Moreover, we study the process of knowing what you want to say, and knowing how to articulate this clearly, whether it is about your own thoughts or someone else's.


Greetham, B. (2008), How to write better essays, Palgrave study skills, Palgrave Macmillan, second edition.


presence is mandatory

2 ECTS key qualifications