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Seminar Quantitative Risk Management


Seminar "Quantitative Risk Management" (Prüfungsnummer 6401)

Veranstaltung für den Master (T Modul + R Modul)

Vorlesung Beginn 08.04.2019
Montag 14 - 16 Uhr HG 162 Dmytro Ivasiuk
Dienstag 14 - 16 Uhr HG 217 Dmytro Ivasiuk
Übung Beginn 11.04.2019      
Donnerstag 09 - 13 Uhr GD 309 Dmytro Ivasiuk

6 ECTS ---> exam (T-Modul)
6 ECTS ---> seminar paper and presentation (R-Modul)


Deadline for the seminar paper ---> end of June (to be announced)

Presentation ---> end of June (to be announced)


List of topics:

1. Basics of Statistics, Revision

2. Risk Management

3. Regression Analysis

4.Time Series Analysis (ARMA and GARCH processes)

5. RiskMetrics

6. CreditMetrics



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