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Diskussionspapiere 2020

  1. Timo Schöber, Georg Stadtmann: Fortnite: The Business Model Pattern Behind the Scene. January 2020.

  2. Robert Garthoff, Philipp Otto: Spatiotemporal procedures for the statistical surveillance of spatial autoregressive models with heavy tails. January 2020.

  3. Christian Pierdzioch, Timo Schoeber, Georg Stadtmann: The LoP Game: BigMac versus Fortnite. January 2020.

  4. Georg Stadtmann, Karl-Heinz Moritz, Tobias Stadtmann, Kristin Berthold: Weitergabe von Negativzinsen. Februar 2020.

  5. Karl-Heinz Moritz, Timo Schöber, Georg Stadtmann: Product differentiation in video games: A closer look at Fortnite's success. June 2020.

  6. Georg Stadtmann, Aynur Dilan Tosun, Christian Pierdzioch: Are female skins sold for a lower price? Evidence from the Fortnite game. August 2020. (zip-file with Program (do-file) and Data (xlsx-file))