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Diskussionspapiere 2018

  1. Satenik Melkonyan, Filip Schade: Teiltransparente EU-Holdinggesellschaften als steuerliches Investitionsvehikel deutscher Unternehmen in der Post-BEPS-Welt. Juni 2018.

  2. Philipp Otto, Wolfgang Schmid, Robert Garthoff: Stochastic Properties of Spatial and Spatiotemporal ARCH Models. August 2018.

  3. Hendrik Sonnabend, Georg Stadtmann: Good Intentions and Unintended Evil? Adverse Effects of Criminalizing Clients in Paid Sex Markets with Voluntary and Involuntary Prostitution. August 2018.

  4. Miryam S. Merk, Philipp Otto: Estimation of unknown time-varying spatial dependence for modelling atmospheric particulate matter concentrations. October 2018.

  5. Philipp Otto, Rick Steinert: Estimation of the Spatial Weighting Matrix for Spatiotemporal Data under the Presence of Structural Breaks. October 2018.

  6. Philipp Otto, Philipp Otto: The impact of arbitrary characteristics on article citations. October 2018.

  7. Kristin Berthold, Georg Stadtmann: The fear of float of the Swiss National Bank. September 2018.

  8. Philipp Otto: spGARCH: An R-Package for Spatial and Spatiotemporal. November 2018.

  9. Karl-Heinz Moritz, Georg Stadtmann, Tobias Stadtmann: MobilePay versus Swipp – Main insights from a Nordic country for mobile payment apps. November 2018.

  10. Mona Florian: Appropriating the refugee camp. Exploring the role of volunteers through the lens of spatial organisation. November 2018.