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Professur für BWL, insb. Internationales Marketing


Aktuelle Publikationen

Eisend&Schmidt, The Influence of Knowledge-based Resources and Business Scholars' Internationalization Strategies on Research Perfomance, Research Policy

Pick&Eisend, Buyers’ Perceived Switching Costs and Switching: A Meta-analytic Assessment of Their Antecedents, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Eisend, Shelf Space Elasticity: A Meta-analysis, Journal of Retailing 

Eisend&Stokburger-Sauer, Brand Personality: A Meta-analytic Review of Antecedents and Consequences, Marketing Letters

Evanschitzky/Eisend/Calantone/Jiang, Success Factors of Product Innovation: An Updated Meta-analysis, Journal of Product Innovation Management

Eisend&Küster, The Effectiveness of Publicity versus Advertising: A Meta-analytic Investigation of its Moderators,  Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science



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